Curaçao is a true island paradise. Her rich colonial history resulted in a very diverse and friendly population, beautiful colonial architecture and a lively city. But also come and enjoy the sparkling blue ocean, delicious food, shopping, museums, the vibrant nightlife, and of course a broad range of adventurous and sportive activities. Are you looking for a game of golf, scuba diving, or a hike in our pristine nature? Or do you prefer a relaxing spa day, or meeting the local population and eating a tasty Curaçaoan stew? Everything is possible here; Curaçao has something for everyone!


Jan Thiel Culinary Beach

On Jan Thiel Beach you will find a lovely selection of culinary adventures, brought to you by culinary beach restaurants. To your heart’s delight you can enjoy the food, the ambiance as well as relaxing or more sportive activities, from the early morning till late in the evening.

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